Studio Wide Angle’s vision is to be places where people can come to find and bring out their dream & might wishing to real their dream through Studio Wide Angle.  We conceive people should have a choice and a voice about media and culture. Every culture is different but all need share information of culture. We believe that the open media is a bit of excess cultural network for a human being. People need to know about their culture and demand to teach responsible, ethical behavior as well as manage overall media use.


Our mission is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by applying our knowledge, experience and creativity. We’re a total service media production agency placed in Bangladesh. Our goal is to make an innovative creation feel for clients through coactions that inspire consumers, increases sales and promotes business development. Our mission is also to influence world culture through supernatural expressions of our native arts and culture.

We conceive a passion for execution of creative work.


Capture Your View… dreams, imagination and emotion speeding by 24 frames a second. We know millions of creative thinkers articulate a single idea, a single thought and a single story to be recalled for the era. And they allowed for their creativity about the script, screen and in our souls. Studio Wide Angle is not just an independent media production company but a joystick for development and individual amelioration, entertainment and enjoyment. Studio Wide Angle is an extremely professional, impressive & accomplished media production company established in the year 2012. The company is also for its innovative approaches. Studio Wide Angle as well applies advanced techniques and trendsetter for a media production. We are committed to acclivity our production company to an absolute solutions provider in video & others media production activities. We are prepared to produce several Documentaries, Audiovisuals Services, Photographic Services, Films, Audio Productions, Graphics, Multimedia, and Commercials. Studio Wide Angle squad in addition to consists of extremely accomplished Directors, Creative Directors, Producers, Script Writers, Art Directors, Editors, Audio Engineers & Crews. Supra the great talent, Studio Wide Angle is established on a firm vision, goal and an experienced conception that we implement to a piece of our Audiovisuals, Films, Documentaries, Commercial, Photography, Audio Production, Graphics and Multimedia actions. An effective theme, a great concept, an adept question about life, about us and about those around you a great deal these are interrogating of our soul. Sometimes overly an abstruse question that we don’t cognize, we are demanding your view but never completely ran down in a seamless integration of entertainment and emotion. That’s why Studio Wide Angle is forever seeking your view…

Meet The Team

Studio Wide Angle is always happy to accept and consider creative materials, concepts,
ideas, techniques or suggestions for the development of our work.

Global Client

Our aim is to establish long-term, interdependent relations with our clients and as well allow for actual value for our clients by applying our creativity, concept, cognition, and experience to inter-communicate their brands efficaciously in the creative sector.

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